Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Want to Read Minds? Make Mind Muscles Strong! (just follow these tips...)

So. What is new. Well I really have to do the dishes and there is a drunk pissing into the empty lot my one window overlooks.  I do not feel like cooking so am eating another garlic cream cheese sandwich with milk. I have some green tea ice cream I will be eating later with a spoon I will probably pick up out of my sink and rinse off. It's only me living here anyway.
At work today I had to make a sign that said 'San Francisco' and ran out of room for the 'O'. So I nestled it into 'C's cove. I think it looks artistic. The teacher's whose project it actually is, hasn't seen it yet. I also had to make five sea lions. It's "International Day" at the school tomorrow, and there is a station for each important continent. Asia, Europe,  and The United States of America.  ( I actually brought up the fact that Mexico was part of the North American continent, but was ignored. I didn't bring up Canada because they don't count.) I was asked to pick the three most important cities in America : San Francisco and New York were picked immediately. The third one gave me and the other American a little trouble since we couldn't decide which city was more important: Boston, Chicago, the Alamo? It was defiantly an hour or so after putting the project aside that I thought, "Oh! Washington D.C.!" I guess its important, so we added it to The List representing North America. Anyway, I made the sea lions to represent the S.F harbor. I was asked to do this, this did not come from any internal motivating source.  I made one girl sea lion, one boy sea lion (they are dating), a blind sea lion, a big papa sea lion that is going to scare the boy sea lion, and a sick/dying sea lion that I put in the fake rock corner. I wanted it to be realistic. One of my co-workers had to make ten cooked crabs. He asked me to help him and I said, "No".  So then I had to make a fake post for some fake sign, all by myself, and I thought that I should have helped him because then I would have company and not be making a fake post. Anyway, International Day should be fun tomorrow! I'll take some pictures. The students will be watching a video on how to dance like an African, and I will probably join them. This is for the African continent station. Sorry, I guess I forgot about it earlier.


  1. Don't disregard our neigbors to the North. Although they can not pronounce the ou combination does not mean they are not a threat. Case in point, Celine Dion and her quest for world domination through the sound of music.Also if you want those sea lions to be representative of SF you should throw in a homeless sea lion, a junkie sea lion, and a homosexual sea lion. We are having our Indian Summer right now and it is gorgeous! Going to the beach...wish you were here!

  2. A homosexual sea lion? Isn't that an odder?O.K. Mexico. So what is it about you, as a country, that you are IGNORED by South Korea! (ouch!)I think that you should take a look at that... and I can't stop laughing. One of the 3 big cities is The Alamo! That is too rich. What a kick. By the way, the city looks so beautiful. I didn't know what to expect but what a place.

  3. Elizabeth! I just had an epiphadural about showing your kids something fun and entertaining and full of good physical exercise. They'll be totally stoked to go home and show their parents. Teach them the MACARENA!!! Imagine, the kids would get into it, then their parents, then the school, the bus driver the police...Christ, the whole city would be caught up in it. Kind of like The Bunny Hop, you know? I mean...you KNOW the Bunny Hop, right? Anyway, isn't that a great idea?Not the Bunny Hop, the macarena. I read about how polite everyone is over there and it is amazing. I just came out of the grocery store and the scene is always the same. 1)Get in line and leave a breathing space between the shopper in front of you and yourself.2) If they don't put that plastic bar down behind their food, then after a small distance has built up between you and them ,you put the spacer down. 3)Wait for the checker to do their thing. MEANWHILE, the trendy couple behind you clatter down the bar right onto your last item and then encroach on your space so heavily that you can only think, "cornhole??" They have no sense of patience and what they are buying is a fifth of cheap gin, an economy bag of Slim Jims and a block of Velveeta Cheese. And by the way, what the hell is that smell? Your first reaction is to check the bottom of your shoe but then you KNOW (OMG)it's coming from one of THEM! The checker, in the meantime, (and it is becoming a very mean time),has been asked to go get a carton of cigarettes, a bag of ice and ANOTHER can of spam because believe it or not...it's on sale. All the while, Mr.&Mrs. Anxiety are so close to you that you can hear their painfully lurid conversation about the condition of their bondage equipment. You're about to turn around to give them that look when you notice that the hand of one of them is on the conveyor belt. There is so much hair on the back of the hand that the only thing that comes to mind is that you're standing next to "Chewie". By the time you get up to the checker and they ask you how you're doing, your ready to get out of there and go home to take a shower in bleach. What is it with some people? Korea sounds like the El Dorado of politeness. Anyway, teach the kids how to line dance. Adios!