Friday, September 24, 2010

Gyeongbok Palace

Mostly Pictures,  though I did add some narrative along with the photos. For the most part, the adventure was spent in observation and awe.

The entry gate 

Haetae : mythical creatures meant to ensure justice. The Haetae is the mascot of Seoul and can be found all over the city.

The ceiling of the entry way

Inside the first 'plaza'

The Throne room

Inside the Throne room

This is where Foreign Diplomats would be entertained

Those creatures on the roof are mythical creatures meant to protect, similar to the western idea of a gargoyle. 

This image of the rising sun and moon and five mountain peaks  is a royal symbol and it used to be that only the King was allowed to own such am image

A girl wearing the traditional Korean dress called a hanbok. Because of the holiday Chuseok that was going on, most of the kids at the palace were wearing this outfit. 

'The Blue House' The equivalent to the American White House.  The Korean president lives there. 

Part of the original gate to the city of Seoul

A bell tower that would mark the opening and closing of the city gates. The bell would be rang 33 times in the morning to symbolize the 33rd level of heaven in Buddhism and 28 times at night for the 28 constellations. The bell tower was built there in the 1396. 

A statue of the man who created Hangul, the Korean writing system, with me and an awesome little kid at Gwanghwamun Plaza.  

Gwanghwamun Plaza 

These tiles borders Gwanghwamun Plaza.  There is a tile for each year marking the history of Korea. The tiles mark Korea's 600 year history. There are blank tiles for the future of Korea on the other side of the park. Water runs over these tiles and it has been called "The Steam of History",  For obvious reasons. This one is my birth year and it says that in 1986 Korea began to import foreign cigarettes such as Marlboro and Camel. It also started a cruise line. 

Happy Birthday Ali! I don't know what this says but here is a picture of your birth year tile from the Seoul plaza Gwanghwamun  outside the Gyeongbok Palace!

Best Korean food so far found at this restaurant down this tiny street. We had a Korean friend tour us around and he really hooked it up! 

Seoul Street graffiti 


  1. That street graffiti looks really surreal, like a comic book. I want to visit South Korea now