Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hangang Park

Over the holiday weekend I spent a day at Hangang Park in Seoul, it was so beautiful! You could put your feet right into the river, if you wanted, but you probably didn't. Here are some pictures of the place:

The Haetae again! 

 dimension change, straight ahead

Just hanging out in this huge fountain. 

The designs on his paper boat: !? 


This is the 'floating stage'. I am standing in the amphitheater, and as I understand it, there are lots of concerts here in the summer.  

yay for kite flying as sunset 

Another cool ancient stature of some Koran dude


  1. You are so lucky to be having this amazing experience!Everything looks beautiful and you are going to be quite the world traveler when you come home. I got to see Ali on her birthday! She came into Spanish Bay where I am working with your dad. It was so awesome to get to see her on her 21st!!!Good thing you packed the boots, they seem to be doing more good than those gorgeous platforms will!Glad to see/hear that you are enjoying yourself in Korea.

  2. You are so lucky to be having this amazing experience! I got to be with Ali on her birthday! We came into Spanish Bay where Cassandra is working. It was awesome to see her on on Ali's 21st!!! (O.K., that last part's a little too creepy for me) It never dawned on me, (not much does) that kite flying may be a big deal over there....'cause it sure as Hell isn't over here! Maybe you could start a kite flying championship with the kids. This park looks very beautiful and I love the shot of the pillars under the bridge. Very nice. By the way, what is PANGYO ?

  3. Wow! I had read your comments when you first moved, and now have just caught up again. All I can say is, WOW!!! I have so many students from So. Korea who are always inviting me to visit. You are really whetting my appetite. How is the job? Do you like it? Would love to hear details about it.

    Aren't we lucky though to be able to experience an entirely different culture, language, people, etc. I feel that had I stayed solely in the states I would never have developed sides of me, that surprise even me that I have!

    Any chance you'll come my way, perhaps enroute home, or just for the heck of it??