Sunday, September 19, 2010


As I mentioned earlier,  Pangyo is a very new town, it is still being built around me everyday. The speed with which it is being built is astounding. When I first moved in, there was an empty lot across my window and less then two weeks later, there is an apartment building. I have seen a restaurant being built and then open, while I have been here. It's amazing. Even with the speed of the expansion, however, it is still a small place and doesn't take long to walk from one side of town to the other. More then half the the city is in the process of being built. The school I work at has only been open for two months, and that's because the building that it is in, didn't exist two months ago. This city is being planned by the government to absorb the crowds in Seoul.  Since the origins of this city have been so purposeful, nothing is random or out of place. Everything is planned and designed for beauty and efficiency. The architecture of the buildings are really interesting, visually entertaining, and each one is different. Even the landscaping of the place is aesthetically pleasing. The leisure areas of the city have also been planned and are nice to walk around in. Even amongst the chaos of the construction, it is easy to see the organization and beauty of the place.  Here are some promised pictures and a few of my apartment building. (I will post pictures of my apartment after I have finished decorating it, but this may take a while)

These photos are of Pangyo's public library, government offices and gym/community center . They are my favorite buildings in the town so I added a lot of them. The hiking trail starts behind these buildings. 
Church being built
My apartment! I am on the lower level, that's my window on the corner. 
I live above this restaurant : Hotsun Chicken. The sign says "Woman's Style Fired Chicken! Best Experience! No Oil!" What does that even mean?
Sweet Outfit
My Rooftop
View from my roof
I work in this building, 6th and 7th floor. The number 4 is considered bad luck here so all the buildings use the letter F to stand in for that number. 
I work above a 7/11, can you believe it?! They are all over the place here. 
IN-N-OUT! When I saw that I lived within walking distance from an IN-N-OUT in Korea, I almost flipped. Turns out it is too good to be true. It's not actually a burger place, its just a convenience store. My friend took a picture of this sign also, and a person ran out of the store and asked her to delete the picture.  When my friend asked why, the owner said that  the logo was being used illegally but that , and I quote, "it is what we (asians) do." "what, steal labels?" "Yes, now delete photo." hmm. nope. 

I have more pictures of the town that will be added to the next post.

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  1. Hey, I don't know if you are still in Pan gyo but I am planning a trip down there in a month or so to see the new GE Koreas Headquarters building. Have you seen it?