Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Flight

The flight from San Francisco to Seoul was an easy 12 hours, no stop-overs or flight changes. It only took me the first 10.5 hours on the flight, staring at the little video screen in front of me, to realize that in addition to the ten Korean soap opera channels being offered, there was a large selection of American movies I could choose from.  Except that  just as I had made a selection, it got shut off because we were getting ready to land. So, I didn't watch any movies, but I did learn about Korean slap stick comedy (a fat asian man wore a short blonde wig and apparently made some pretty funny jokes while hitting himself and other people). I also learned everything the discovery channel decided one should know about the moon (did you know that the accepted theory for how the moon was created is known as the Great Collision Theory?), and all about spawning salmon. Actually, this channel was the most amusing. The baby bears trying to catch salmon were so funny! Anyway, to make up for my video ineptitude, the airline staff put on a fashion show!  All the flight attendants dressed up in the traditional garb of different Asian countries and used the aisles as catwalks. It was pretty cool! I even got a picture! 
That's me, the fourth one in, wearing glasses and a red shirt, if you were having a hard time finding me. FYI the woman on my right in the blue and pink is wearing the traditional dress from Korea.
 I was close to the only foreigner on the flight, and I was definitely the only white person to take a picture with the models...but this was too good of an opportunity to pass up!! (just so you know, they did ask if anybody wanted to take pictures with them, I didn't jump into the middle of the show and demand a photo.) I asked the person sitting next to me what this was all about and he said that the crew just felt like putting on a show. What? Really?! (I think he just didn't want to explain it to me) The Crew: Hey, ladies, do you feel like putting on a fashion show today? Models/Flight Attendants: Oh yes!! We always carry our huge pink umbrella hats and costume gowns with us just case! Whatever the reason, it was awesome. Fly Asiana, they rock. Even if their personal video program is a little complicated. 

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  1. Honest to God,I thought you were third from the right, because of that apricot colored blouse but then upon closer examination I remembered that , no, you part your hair differently. THEN I thought for sure I found you as the second on the left because of the solid red jacket? blouse? shirt? whatever thing... but again, no (sigh), the lipstick is wrong! Man, I be lookin' an' lookin' ...que pasa? don't wear flowers above your face, or hold your hands like they is glued together or put the parasol on your head, an I was bettin' that was yous readin' the paper until it dawned on me that you was readin' the wrong paper!! That ain't yous either! Somebody hepped me an told me that you was the 4th person in, so I counted 1-2-3-4 and found you!! You is wearin' sort of this bib overall with a white shirt and red pants. Right?An' yous the only one wearin' a hankerchiff around your neck in case you start sneezin' an coughin' and carryin' on. Right? I knew I'd find you! An' I thought it was you readin' the paper...shoot! Pretty silly, huh?