Monday, September 13, 2010

The Koreans

Are the Friendliest, Kindest People I have ever met. Period. I have been given peaches, rice cakes, and three thousand won (equivalent to 3 USD) by people walking past me on the street that want to talk me for a moment and then give me a gift. Or sit next to me on the bus and talk to me for a bit and leave me with some food. I have been given tours of libraries and gyms by just walking in the building. I only have to look at a map before someone stops to ask me if they can help me find my way. One of the teachers I work with heard me say I needed to go grocery shopping and went way out of her way to take me to the store, help me shop, then get me back on the right bus back home and even made sure that the bus driver and several other passengers knew to get me off the bus at the correct stop. None of these people really speak English by the way. Its amazing what you can get across to someone through body language. Every now and then someone will come along who speaks English and satiate everyone curiosity through translation. I learned to say hagwan, which means private school and that usually answers any lingering questions. I have REALLY got to learn some of this language!

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