Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sure There Is One

I have fallen up two flights of stairs while I have been here. Not down, going up, and not once, twice. I also cut my middle finger with my really rally sharp knife and its been almost a month and I still can't curl it closed all the way. Im developing a lovely thick scar around my knuckle. The first flight of stairs I fell up was at the subway, obviously, because you can't fall up stairs in private. The second time I fell up bleachers just as I was ending my run and there were all these families around, and I didn't just fall on my knees, I totally ate shit. I think my cheek may have even ever so slightly touched the earth. And then, with the knife,  I wasn't even cutting when I cut myself. I was washing the knife. Seriously? Yeah. You know I used to think that all those time I fell and got hurt randomly in college was because I was drinking, but no. Im totally sober out here and just as clumsy.

OK couples are so down with being cute it is unbelievable. They stand in front of things, like old peanut shells, and take pictures together making a heart shape with their arms. Meaning, the man holds up his left arm in a 'C shape over his head and the woman holds her right arm over her head in a 'C' shape and then they point their hands down and fingers towards each other to make a heart out their bodies. And they do this all the time. Dudes do this with each other too. Two man friends will do this arm heart thing and its totally acceptable. It's the cute factor out here, it is way high.

And, men ALWAYS carry their girlfriends purse. You will see couples where the guy is holding his girlfriends purse, ALL THE TIME. And if she is shopping he will carry her shopping bags also. In fact, if she has anything to hold, ie. baby, baby carriage, stroller, food, clothes, jacket, the man carries it. When it gets warm and the woman takes off her coat, into her man's arms it goes to join her already being held purse. Personally I think its great. I just wonder what the trade off is, because you can be sure there is one.

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  1. All this stuff is too much for me to respond to right now. Fallin' up stairs, boys kissing boys and crying, some little kid givin' you the finger...an' guys schleppin' stuff around for the women...I'm reaching for the scotch already! Listen, Elizabeth, right now all you need to know is that the Giants are in the World Series with some damned team from Texes-Taxes-Taxas...??-Taxsas,TAXsas,goddamnit! It's Texsses, TAXAAAS,TEXSAS, dammit! TEXSAS,Texas. Texas, It's Texas.The Giants are playing Game One in San Francisco tomorrow night. Who could imagine that the Giants could make it to the Series? And about the two little boys kissing each other in your classroom...I mentioned San Francisco already, right?