Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party

The Halloween Party!

I only have a few of the pictures taken from the party, so I will be posting more after the weekend when I get them from work, but here are some that I have right now. 

My favorite! He's so awesome and never has any idea what I'm talking about.

This kid is cries ALL the TIME! But definitely had the best  costume at the party. I wish I had a picture of him in his pirate hat! 

 Hey look, it's Cinderella! Yeah.
(I didn't get to choose my costume. Should I be glad they thought of me and then tons of glitter? ) 

She copied me 
Sooo the animal suits are way cooler then I had imagined. Next Year for sure.  


  1. You think that kid cries all the time? Texas just beat the Giants and I WEEPIN'!

  2. What ever happened to the Halloween costumes that were really scary? I definitely don't see any kids dressed up as Kim Jong Il, or Godzilla or anything like that. And the animal costumes are ...are...I mean, they're pretty cool but the jury's still out on dressing up like a salamander or a rat or anything like that. I always figured that anything with four legs would need two people to make it work and crawling into one costume with another person which you are not TOTALLY copacetic...??? Manana for sure. However, cute little crying pirates and cuter Cinderellas would make for a fun Halloween.

  3. You can dress up like squirrels and hamsters all you want BUT the Giants just SHUT OUT that other damned team 4-0, YEEEEHA! Laura Bush was yawning...YAWNING! Fans from the other team were pulling their hair, shoving dozens of pins into worn out voodoo dolls and flailing themselves about in the aisles like catfish out of water. The Giants rule the series 3 to 1. (Now back to your previously prerecorded blog)