Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's the chopsticks!

I was talking to a student today and said that I had a lot of work to do after his class was over. He said he had a lot of work to do when he got home. I said,"yes, you have a lot of work in elementary school and then you will go to middle school,  and have lots of work, then you will go to high school and have lots of work, then you you want to go to college?" "Yes." "So then you will go to college and have a lot of work, and then you will have a job for the rest of your life and guess what you will have to do at that job?" "Lots of work?" "Yes, lots and lots and lots of work forever!" "But,  I won't have work when I am a grandfather." "No, I guess not" "Except for sweeping." "Yea, except for sweeping. But you will be old,  Sucka!"  Ok not not really, but I did say everything else up to that last word.

I ate spam, black rice and seaweed today for dinner - by choice. And it was delicious. I am digging the spam scene out here. And the seaweed. It's like a huge salty thin chip! That you use your chopsticks to wrap around rice balls and pop into your mouth. I like using chopsticks. They are really useful for eating salads and making mini seaweed tacos. I also had this 'ah-ha!' moment when I realized that one wouldn't be able to eat rice with chopsticks, unless it was sticky. Oohh so that is why asians have sticky's the chopsticks!


  1. Game 2 of the World Series in San Francisco and the Giants are kickin' the beans out of the Rangers! 9-0. The Rangers get totally shut the hell out! NINE to ZIP! (o-eeeeah)

  2. y'know Elizabeth,...those guys might find sticky rice and regular, ordinary chopsticks incredibly boring. They may be dying for some spicy innovation, like the macarena.Have you taught the kids the macarena yet? I bet not. So anyway, they are probably DYING to try our style rice...Uncle Bens! But they can't pick it up with their 'normal' chopsticks which means you can bring a new product to the Korean market place and they will hail you as a tourist who falls up stairs and such. Make a pair of chopsticks with little hands at the ends! Like miniature ice tongs but for our brand of whatever kind of rice it is that we eat. You can take an old Barbie doll, cut off her hands and glue them to the end of the chopsticks. Then you could scoop all kinds of rice into your mouth in no time flat. I'm telling you that this may be something pretty cool!Frankly, I think that sticky rice with lots of melted butter and soy sauce and fried egg is the best! By the way. what's with touching the teeth and measuring the hair? Is this like a voodoo thing? Cuidado hija or you're going to wake up with a shrunken head one day.