Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I could be spending a whole year in the winter season

Today I was freezing cold. I became aware of all the tips of my body that I usually never have any reason to pay attention to, like the tip of  my nose. I was acutely aware of the tip of my nose all the way from my stoop at home to the archway of my work. Fingertips got attention too,  as did the fact that I wasn't wearing any socks. Where my shoe ended and my pants began was this little sliver of skin running around my ankle that got a ton of attention as it froze in the air. And its only October! Tonight as I walked home in my ridiculous outfit sans scarf or warm jacket, from work, and I was told that it was 39 degrees outside and it was expected to freeze overnight. Awesome. I remember saying, more then once, how much I liked cold weather, not that long ago. I said that, when I was living in Santa Barbara. And cold weather meant that you no longer woke up in the middle of the night to kick off that sheet causing you to sweat as you slept. Liking 'cold weather' here means liking to live inside when it is way below zero outside. I'm going to have to get some serious winter weather clothing. How do people even care about fashion at this season?! I want to wear a ski mask on my walk to work and its not even really winter here yet. I better get to toughening up to the cold. Doing all my serious living in California has left me ill prepared for any actual winter season. (I am becoming aware that I may not even really know what a 'winter' is.) One of my co-workers just got back from living in Australia and said that she just left winter there only to come back to it in Korea. So it could be worse. I could be spending a whole year in the winter season.

One of my students asked me if she could touch my teeth today. I said No. Seeing as that would require her to stick her hand in my mouth and that would be weird. I told her to touch her own teeth. Then she asked me if she could measure my hair. No, do your work! Then she asked me if she could wear my belt. So I let her wear it for five minutes. Whatever.


  1. 11 to 7 the Giants over that other team in Game 1 of the World Series. GO Giants!!

  2. haha yeah Fred!! "That other team" I love it. I also love the last little paragraph of this entry! So funny, I read it to John and he likes it too :)