Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Slices

They have this banana flavored cream drink here that is absolutely delicious. Its my favorite thing to get for dessert over here. I like to think that is healthier then some chocolate American sinfulness, but I highly doubt it. They also make these wonderful rice, peanut shaped, pastas that are very chewy and fun and I made spaghetti out of them today for dinner. All the pastas here are totally fresh and refrigerated and take five minuets to cook. Also, the garlic is already shucked and peeled and ready for slicing. In fact, I haven't seen an actual whole garlic at all, but it just might be my tiny local grocery store. Where the woman who works there still asks me questions in Korean to which I still stare blankly at her and smile, then turn around to leave, get bumped into by a seven year old who looks at me and says,"Oh, I am sorry" and smiles. The grocery shopping is well priced if your going for a Korean immersion diet. Cheese,Peanut butter, Butter, Bread, all tend to be expensive so I buy them in shifts. One expensive item per shopping trip. So far I haven't gotten too desperate over here for these lost food items ... so far. Although I do get my fair share of bread, since there is a bakery under the school, and parents buy pastries, etc. for the teachers all the time. One time I came back to the office to find just a loaf of white bread on the snack table. Half eaten. 

Two old women sharing a box of candies stopped me on the street the other day to share their food with me. I ate candy from a stranger. I'm fine and they didn't follow me home. 

I have to ride the bus with some of the students back home on Mondays and today one of the students ran with their  fingers off the edge of the arm of the bus seat and made a crashing sound, looked at me and said, "Cliff." "Oh no, did he die!?" "Yes"  Then she made her hand hang off the edge of the seat in front of her and said, "cliff hanger". "Two, cliff hangers?!" "Yes" And then she made both of them fall off the imaginary cliff. I obviously copied her doing the same thing. One of the boys jumped in and said, "Ten cliffhangers!" and then made them fall in a loud crash. Not to be beaten the girl yelled, "Twenty cliffhangers!" and then killed them all in an explosion. I yelled, "One hundred cliffhangers!" And this went on and on until we were yelling one hundred thousand cliffhangers falling off the mountains dying in a volcano and avalanche with  populations running off cliffs to meet their ends in loud guttural sounds made by seven year olds. It has been our most imaginative yet morbid bus ride so far. 

One of my students asked how many stickers he would get by holding up his pointer and middle finger to mean two stickers and then asked, "Teacher, how many stickers do I get, one or two? One or two?" Except that every time he would say 'one sticker' he would lower his pointer finger finger leaving this middle finger pointed up at me to mean one sticker. One sticker? 
(He is totally clueless as to what that means, huge cultural divide, making it even funnier. One Sticker Teacher!) 

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  1. Is it just me or can you not get the half eaten loaf of bread out of your head? A half eaten loaf of white bread...was it sliced bread? (Tell me it wasn't Wonder Bread! It was, wasn't it?)Was it a whole loaf that had chunks torn out with crumbs left on the counter? I bet if the other teachers are guys, there were crumbs scattered all over the place, because guys tend to do that...even with white bread. I bet there was a bunch of soft butter around also. There is nothing better than a big piece of white bread loaded up with a big fat layer of soft butter...(I'm startin' to sheever!!) then rolled into a ball and popped into your mouth...Holy CHRIST, I'm startin' to slobber! I can't believe it...I'm heading down to MY snack table.