Friday, November 12, 2010

Ok. So I know that listening or reading about complaining is just boring. And I also know that everyone who has a salary, or doesn't for that matter, also has a lot of work to do and stressful months and six day work weeks, so that all my complaining falls on bored deaf ears. So I have been searching and searching for some things to say that don't fall in either of these categories and of late, I have come up with nothing.

Hence my lack of blogger postage.

How horrible is it that I really don't have anything to say that's exciting or strange in my new home. I am even writing a post about how I have nothing to say. No funny comments from students, No awkward grocery shopping stories, No new adventures in Seoul. Just lots of work. Although on the bright side, I am noticing that I am getting to be a better teacher. I am learning (wow), and I am becoming more confident in myself. So my classroom hours are paying off and that's good.
I was in a photo shoot today. Well.... that's what I'm calling it. It would probably be more accurate to say that I taught a class that a photographer for a magazine took pictures for 40 minuets. Had I known that I would be photographed for a magazine, I probably would not have worn the shiny blue eyeliner I put on this morning. (OK I totally would have worn it anyway! If I have to be photographed as a kindergarten teacher, I want to seem at least a little bit out there.) After some of my more ... degrading classes,
ie. having to sing the song lubby loo and dance and then repeat to the students the new vocabulary words in a robot voice and then a doll's voice type of class...
(Yes, I actually do this. I did not make this up. Those are my directions. I have to teach and I have to teach like that.)
...I just want to wear black hard rock tee shirts and drink a beer!
Whenever there is any PR to be done for the school, guess who gets to be the Face of the School?! yep. thats right, the two white girls.
Apparently we are a big deal.
Although I wish we weren't because then I would have free Saturdays and I really really miss them.

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  1. Whoa! WHOA! Wait a minute here. Wait just one minute because if you want me to believe that you have nothing exciting or strange going on in your new home then what about those wierd little kids that want to reach into your mouth and touch your teeth? Huh? And how about those old ladies who stopped you on the street and tried to lure you back to their place with a bag of candy so that they could tie you up and force your mouth opened so that THEY could touch your teeth...are you tellin' me that's not weird? An you got park trails that go to exercise equipment which is next to grave sites? If you ask me, you've got plenty of strange stuff going on 24/7. You live on a no name street with someone nearby that's leaving post-its on your door...plenty weird. But the strangest thing of all is that all these posts are blank. Where the Hell is everyone? They're probably too busy to write...y'know? I mean with you bein' a trillion miles from sanity and all, they probably just don't have the time to drop a line. Y'know...just to say a friendly hello, a simple 'how ya doin', a quaint little chat about nothing...simple little friendly things, y' where is everyone?...hello?....helllloooo?....hello? That's the strange thing, if you ask me. It's not the seaweed tacos or the dried squid chewing gum or the luxurious saunas but the galactic Western silence.